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About Us

Custom Locksmith & Alarm is a family-owned business that’s been part of the community for 25 years. We’re strong believers in local business, with a focus on local expertise and connections with our clients. We exclusively employ friendly and knowledgeable staff that are consistently up-to-date with industry training, and believe in first-class service with a personal touch.

In addition to providing personal support for customers, we also belong to a number of community groups, donate to charities, and support agriculture in the area. A community’s security relies on good neighbors—and that’s what we strive to be.


Mark Serpa

President / Project Design / Sales

Mark Serpa has been the owner of Custom Locksmith & Alarm Since 1993, though he’s been working in the industry since 1986. Having been raised on a farm, Mark is acutely aware of what’s involved in running and protecting an agriculture-related business—an industry especially important to this area. In addition, Mark has made it his goal to provide the optimal security experience, regardless of application. For Mark, it’s all about the service. Being able to call and get a local specialist on the phone is key for a smoothly-running security system. Another integral step of the process is for the customer to fully understand their setup. He makes it a point to spend time with every customer to ensure that he and his team are installing a product that he would want on his own house or property. As opposed to his competitors, who might just make a sale, Mark takes pride in drafting a plan that matches the client’s needs to make a custom system that’s as usable as it is reliable.



Chasen Serpa

Vice President / Field Tech / Security Consultant / Sales

Chasen Serpa has accompanied Mark on industry jobs since he was just a kid. As a result, he’s become an expert in a variety of services spanning from cameras, alarms, and locks to central vacuum systems and access control. He’s been overseeing operations for several years, and puts a special emphasis on the importance of service that’s both personal and effective.



Operations Manager



Field Tech / Security Consultant / Sales




Field Tech / Security Consultant / Project Design / Sales


Commercial - GPS


Counter Staff / Dispatcher


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Counter Staff / Dispatcher